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My Story



Hi, I’m Lisa, creator of ‘All About The Cakes’ and welcome to my page. I was inspired to name my business All About The Cakes because it is as important to me that the ‘whole’ cake is excellent, not just in looks but how it tastes. Therefore I only use the best ingredients sourced locally and make the cake exactly how you want it to be.


Baking has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I used to cook and bake with my mother from an early age. My father baked and decorated cakes as a hobby, then started teaching sugar craft and decorating. I was encouraged from an early age to join in. Through this I was able to happily develop my artistic streak and my total adoration for cakes commenced.


Despite my early love of baking, I decided on a career in the NHS, starting as a nurse and then becoming a midwife. But I never stopped baking as a hobby. Then in early 2012 a neighbour asked me to make her daughter’s birthday cake and of course I said yes.

Following that success a work colleague asked me to make her wedding cake which was something I had never even attempted before. I undertook cake classes on basic cake making, modelling, sugar craft icing and many other techniques to make sure I could make her the best cake possible. The wedding cake was a massive success and I realised it was a part of my life I needed to develop further.


Following encouragement from family and friends I started ‘All About The Cakes Ltd’ in 2013 and made cakes for all occasions in my spare time. Even though I loved my job delivering babies I realised that my passion was for creating amazing cakes and so in 2016 I became “all about the cakes" and took early retirement from my job as a midwife and started my cake business full time. I have developed a workroom for all things cake so that I have time and space to work on that special cake. My days are now filled with cake, cake and more cake and I could not be happier!

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